Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer White Box Photography Ltd (WBP)


1. Application for Session
Application for session must be made on the WBP’s official website (www.whiteboxphotography.co.uk) or via
Contact Us button on the website. Until the payment has been received and accepted by WBP, the WBP has the
right, without giving notice to the customer, to reallocate the e-mailed reservation to another available time and
the initial reservation will be null and void.

2. Choice of Session
As part of your session payment you are able to choose between a family portraiture or a performing arts
session. Please ensure your choice is clearly stated in the information box on the check out page.

3. Promotional Purposes
We know you will love the photographs we take which is why we are happy to release all photographs to you
copyright free… however unless otherwise stated we reserve the right to use your images for promotional

4. Payment
WBP require all customers to make payment in full during your booking.

5. Cancellation of Session
If the customer wishes at any time prior to the session to cancel the time allocated, then written notice must be
given to WBP. Payment is not refundable if session cancelled in less than 10 days before booked time.
Relocation of a session can be made at any time but not less than 10 day before the session. In the event of
authorised relocation exchange an additional compulsory charge of £20 will be applied.

6. Cancellation or Change of Location or Date of Photo session
In the event that by reason of any event outside the WBP’s reasonable control (including, without limitation, any
strike or other industrial action involving the WBP’s own workforce) or the photo session (or any part thereof) is
prevented from being held in a particular location or on a particular date, the WBP shall be entitled at its absolute
discretion to cancel, relocate or change the date of all or any part of the photo session and in such event any
refund of payments to the customer shall be at the absolute discretion of the WBP.
WBP will not accept responsibility for the loss of property belonging to a

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